McDonalds Puts JESUS On Their Window And Now It’s Going Viral

Christmas time is the best season of the whole year. All year long we wait for occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year to celebrate these holidays with our families. Everywhere around the world, there is a general air of festivity and joy. Families come together, go for vacations, and spend more time bonding with each other. Holidays like Christmas are even more special with preparations starting right from the end of November up to the day of Christmas.

We all love pulling out Christmas trees, setting it up in our living rooms, and decorating it from top to bottom with all sorts of Christmas tree decorations. We put out the nativity scene with baby Jesus in it. It is truly a happy time and a buzz of excitement is present almost everywhere. It is quite exciting to visit shops and restaurants at this time of the year just to see the marvelous way in which these stores decorate their outlets. Often you can see gigantic Christmas trees and very interestingly displayed nativity scenes. A nativity scene that was painted on the windows of a McDonald’s has gone viral because of the very same reason.

In Tennessee, a McDonald’s outlet in Spring Hill has decided to embrace the true spirit of Christmas by having the nativity scene painted on their windows. It has been done extremely beautiful and has Mary and Joseph looking fondly over at baby Jesus. In addition, there are phrases like “rejoice” and “His name is Jesus” written right next to it.

The painting was captured by one of the visitors to the burger joint and posted on Facebook, after which it went viral. When asked about the painted windows, the restaurant owners Tony and Gina Wolfe have said that over the years, a number of similar scenes have been painted on their windows and that this, in fact, was a tradition that was started nearly 40 years ago by one of their relatives.

Painting their windows for Christmas has become a special Christmas tradition for this family though they never imagined that it could go viral. They are in fact quite surprised at the attention received by the painting and they are of course, very happy about it.

The photo, which was posted by resident Amy Basel, has been shared over 70,000 times. She had noticed the painting as she was driving past the restaurant. She felt she had to stop and click a picture of the beautiful painting displayed on the windows of the restaurant. She felt that displaying the painting was not just about Christmas, but it also displayed a sense of being bold and believing in what you love and displaying it with pride. She described that this was the major reason that spurred her to click the picture and share it on social media.
She posted the picture and captioned it as having made her day.

Indeed in this day and age, what the couple did does convey something. Being bold and expressing what you believe in has become something that you do not get to see very often, especially during times like this.

The fact that the couples took to continuing a tradition that is almost 40 years old tells us something. That they are not people who shy away from the simple things that have always run in their family. Keeping such a tradition alive was their choice and not something they were forced to do. They simply did it without any compulsion because they respected the tradition that was introduced by their forefathers. They chose to preserve the tradition and share it with the outside world. They realized that choosing to preserve such traditions would bring them closer together as a family and would also help them to derive a sense of comfort from such actions. It would remind them of the good times they shared together as a family. In addition, embracing traditions are a good way to reinforce faith and personal values. It is a chance to reflect on what our family and our elders have done for us, for the hard work they did so that we, their children could succeed in our lives.

They took the time and effort to perfect that painting and they did not do it for the attention that they could receive. The work was done wholeheartedly and with sincerity. How many of us are really committed to the work we do? Often, we prefer to work in a haphazard manner with misshapen results. We do not care for virtues such as integrity, loyalty, and faithfulness. We try to get most things done without really wanting to put an effort into getting it done. As a result, we produce poor and unsatisfactory work. It is important to be committed to any work we do. It is important to put in our best efforts so that we get the best results. This can make us happy and inspire us to work harder despite what we think.

We owe it to ourselves and the people around us to be committed and loyal to the responsibilities that are bestowed upon us. By doing so, we not only fulfill our responsibilities but also do our part for the society and the people around us. It makes us better people.

As the New Year approaches, it is time to take new resolutions and make new promises. This year, make a firm resolution to give your 100% to any work that you do. In today’s world, commitment and loyalty are melting away real fast and it is up to us to bring a bit of it back.

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