8-year-old boy celebrating after beating stage 4 brain cancer

The marvellous capabilities of modern science never cease to amaze me.

With each passing year treatment for all kinds of illnesses and issues improves, creating stories of recovery that simply wouldn’t have been possible even a decade ago.

Take the case of 8-year-old Cameron Scott, who is being hailed a true hero after beating stage 4 brain cancer with the help of the wonderful people at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

As per Wivb.com, little Cameron was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a high-risk tumor that had spread to his spine.

The 8-year-old underwent surgery to remove the tumors, before being sent to St. Jude’s for follow-up treatment.

“He’s my hero,” his father, Wendell Scott, told TODAY.

YouTube / TODAY
While at St. Jude’s, doctors discovered that Cameron had not one disease, but four. It was also at St. Jude’s however, that the hospital’s pioneered gene sequencing of Cameron’s cancer allowed them to begin a targeted and thus more effective treatment.

All told, Cameron endured six months of chemotherapy and radiation, but he stayed strong in the face of adversity.

“I feel amazing now,” Cameron said. “I feel like I’ve been through everything.”

One thing’s for sure, and that’s that Cameron is a fighter!

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11-month-old twins keep making each other laugh, but keep your eye on baby in blue

Give people a genuine laugh and you’ve put them at ease and made a quick connection.

I love laughing with my husband and when our relationship suffers, laughter is usually the first things to go.

But there are some situations when we can’t just stop laughing.

In my case, on-going laughter usually happens late at night when I am especially tired, but that’s not always the case.

One thing that is true, though: it’s my favorite kind of laughter and I think these precious babies in the video below know exactly what I’m talking about.

These 11-month-old twins could not control their laughter after looking at each other. They are twins, so they already have a special bond, but this adorable little laugh session brought them even closer together when they went off into a peal of laughter every time one of them glanced at the other.

Once they started laughing, they just couldn’t stop, and they kept egging each other on, continuing the hysterics until they had everyone in the room laughing!

Now keep your eye on the baby on the left – I can’t stop laughing either! 😂💕💕

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A man went to God and asked, “What’s the value of life?”

God gave him one stone and said, “Find out the value of this stone, but don’t sell it.”

The man took the stone to an Orange Seller and asked him what it’s cost would be.
The Orange Seller saw the shiny stone and said, “You can take 12 oranges and give me the stone.”

The man apologized and said that the God has asked him not to sell it.

He went ahead and found a vegetable seller. “What could be the value of this stone?” he asked the vegetable seller. The seller saw the shiny stone and said, “Take one sack of potatoes and give me the stone.”
The man again apologized and said he can’t sell it.

Further ahead, he went into a jewellery shop and asked the value of the stone.

The jeweler saw the stone under a lens and said, “I’ll give you 50 Lakhs for this stone.” When the man shook his head, the jeweler said, “Alright, alright, take 2 crores, but give me the stone.”
The man explained that he can’t sell the stone. Further ahead, the man saw a precious stone’s shop and asked the seller the value of this stone.

When the precious stone’s seller saw the big ruby, he lay down a red cloth and put the ruby on it. Then he walked in circles around the ruby and bent down and touched his head in front of the ruby.
“From where did you bring this priceless ruby from?” he asked. “Even if I sell the whole world, and my life, I won’t be able to purchase this priceless stone.

Stunned and confused, the man returned to the God and told him what had happened. “Now tell me what is the value of life, God?

God said, “The answers you got from the Orange Seller, the Vegetable Seller, the Jeweler & the Precious Stone’s Seller explain the value of our life… You may be a precious stone, even priceless, but people may value you based on their level of information, their belief in you, their motive behind entertaining you, their ambition, and their risk taking ability. But don’t fear, you will surely find someone who will discern your true value.”

In the eyes of God you are very very precious. Respect yourself. You are Unique. No one can Replace you!

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Spy Glass beach hut rotates to take in the sights

This charming little beach hut in England named the Spy Glass is designed to look like an oversized pair of old-fashioned coin-fed binoculars. It rests atop a turntable that rotates it 180 degrees, allowing its occupants to change the view to suit.

The Spy Glass was designed by JaK Studio. Structurally, it consists of precast concrete with a translucent middle section that glows at night. It’s fronted by generous glazing and its exterior has an outdoor shower.

The beach hut measures 2 x 3 x 3 m (6.5 x 9.8 x 9.8 ft) and is accessed by a wooden door. A sleeping area juts out above and sports two port hole-style windows that resemble binocular lenses. Inside, the beach hut includes a seating area, a sink and changing area, as well as the raised sleeping area mentioned.

The Spy Glass rests atop a repurposed heavy-duty vehicle turntable that was sunken into the ground. This enables the entire structure to rotate a total of 180 degrees and face the sun, the sea, or nearby Eastbourne Pier. The turntable’s rotation is operated by a remote control unit inside the beach hut.

“We wanted to pay homage to the traditional beach hut whilst creating a modern concept for a design classic,” says Jacob Low, founding partner at JaK Studio. “A big inspiration to our project was the coin slot binoculars which allow one to gaze out to sea. As you can move these binoculars users can also move our Spy Glass to interact with the sun or coastline. It will hopefully bring a bit of nostalgia to local residents and those visiting on days out.”

The Spy Glass was commissioned by England’s Eastbourne Council following an architectural competition. The budget came to just £10,000 (US$13,000). It’s currently available to visit and rent as an event space.