Young man spies on 93-year-old’s routine: Runs out when she leaves home and creates headlines around the world

Many look forward to retirement, a time when you don’t have to work and can fulfill little dreams — traveling, spending more time with the grandchildren, or perhaps taking care of the garden that never got the love it deserved.

Due to health reasons, some seniors require a bit of assistance and are therefore moved into retirement homes. But others, despite how difficult the challenge, prefer to stay in their home and do the best they can to take care of themselves.

And I understand this fully — it’s so difficult to leave a home behind you may have lived in nearly your whole life.

Unfortunately, there are some who like to use older people to gain access to whatever savings they may have. Such predators understand that senior citizens can be easy targets, and every now and then, we hear a terrible story about a senior who’s been tricked into giving away everything they own.

One senior lady who absolutely did not want to leave her home behind is a 93-year-old woman from Alabama, USA.

Despite her old age, she had good amounts of energy and managed completely on her own. But what she didn’t know was that two men who lived nearby had been watching her every move for a while.

One day as the woman went out to mow her lawn, the men saw their chance and approached her.

Rodney Smith Jr. and his best friend Terrence Stroy had a plan. They didn’t think any 93-year-old should have to struggle with something as physically exhausting as cutting grass — so they wanted to offer to do it for her instead.

They later explained their intentions on Facebook:

“We did this sweet lady’s lawn today. She is 93, the neighbors told us that she been out there trying to cut her own lawn 😳. Have no fear, raising men lawn care is going to make sure her lawn is done every two weeks! Making a difference in our community!” Terrence wrote.

While the senior prefers to remain unnamed, she is incredibly grateful for the young mens’ help.

The gentlemen, both of them students at a university nearby, know how important education is.

But despite their dedication for school, they managed to find time to launch an organization, Raising Men Lawn Care Service, that helps the elderly and other vulnerable members of their community mow their lawns — for completely free.

“It came to me, I should do something about it. That’s when I decided to cut free lawns for elderly, disabled and single parent mothers for free,” Rodney said.

But the goal, says Rodney, is not just to cut grass for free. He hopes it will teach young boys and girls become productive young adults who learn to take responsibility.

Rodney and Terrence are such wonderful young men who gave so much back to the community they live in. Not only are they helping others to cut their grass, they have a bigger vision: that more people will be able to help and pick things up where he started.

Learn more about Rodney and his project below:


There are people like Rodney and Terrence who make a real difference in the world.

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Rare monkeypox virus has started reappearing – here’s what you need to watch out for

Being healthy is something we so often take for granted. One day you’re fit and active, the next you can be suffering from a cold, flu, or worse.

One of the great things about social media is that we can now spread mass warnings about health issues that could otherwise fly under the radar until it’s too late. In this case, we’ve caught wind of a problem that’s been around for quite some time, but only just started to spread again.

Monkeypox. It’s a virus usually found in central and west Africa, though in the past fortnight there have been two cases, unrelated, discovered in the United Kingdom.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
It was Public Health England that confirmed the news, with both of the sufferers having recently travelled to Nigeria.

As per reports, the illness is rare, with most cases exhibiting symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, and a rash. More serious cases, however, can be dangerous.

Nick Phin, deputy director of the National Infection Service, admits that the new cases are uncommon, but that measures are being taken to reduce spreading.

“It is very unusual to see two cases in such a relatively short space of time. We are working hard to contact individuals, including healthcare workers, that might have come into contact with the individual to provide information and health advice,” he said.

“It is likely that monkeypox continues to circulate in Nigeria and could, therefore, affect travelers who are returning from this part of the world,” Phil continued.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The first human case of monkeypox was diagnosed in 1970, and maintains a death rate of 10%. It can transmitted from animals to humans, humans to humans, through bodily fluid or even by air.

What to look out for?

As always, it’s important people know the symptoms and signs to watch out for.

In this case, the most prominent symptoms include fever, headaches, aching muscles, back pain, and swollen lymph nodes. A rash usually comes with the virus, meanwhile, one that leaves scabs.

Of course, with many of these symptomatic of other problems with the body, it’s best to get checked out by a medical professional if you’re at all concerned.

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Dog Chapman Asks Fans To Pray For His Wife Beth During Cancer Battle

Dog and Beth Chapman are known by many for their adventures on the popular show ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter.’ They show an obvious affection and love for each other that audiences adore. The two frequently post on social media and keep their fans in the loop of their fun lives.

In a recent turn of events, Beth was diagnosed with a throat cancer last year. She had a long surgery and extensive treatment. She was able to conquer the disease but unfortunately, it returned a year later.

She underwent another surgery and is currently recovering. Dog (Duane), her husband, gave a few details of the situation.

“She had a lump in her throat twice the size of last time, and they performed an emergency surgery [on Tuesday],” he said. “They cut a hole in her throat so she can breathe; she can still talk. … [She’s] doing the best she can and remains incredibly strong.”

He has requested his fans to pray for his wife’s healing and recovery. This is an emotional time for the family and many want to know how she is doing.

“She is not doing good,” he said in an interview. “I appreciate the question and please say a prayer.”

Their daughter Lyssa also spoke of her mother’s health.

“We are all so devastated. We love our mommy so much and thank you guys for being here,” she shared. “We got such an amazing outpouring from fans and we just really appreciate it.”and disease.


Prayers for this family and all others that are battling sickness and disease.

Rich man tries to belittle woman because she doesn’t make enough, but her comeback is priceless

Teachers are, very often, quite influential in our growth. Too many people forget that. Just for some evidence – ask yourself what your first grade teacher’s name was. I’m confident that 99% of us will remember.

In the news of late, as we all know, the names of lots of CEOs have scrolled by. There are certainly many good and responsible CEOs, but there are many that are bad. And while the media of late has joined in the national “ha rumpf” about CEO bonuses and salaries, that same media has also built them up as role models.

Here’s another idea… and some inspiration… after the fold.

The dinner guests were sitting around the table discussing life.  One man, a CEO, decided to  explain the problem with education.

He argued, “What’s a kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to become a teacher?”

He reminded the other dinner guests what  they say about teachers, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

To emphasize his point he said to another  guest; “You’re a teacher, Bonnie.  Be honest. What do you make?”    Bonnie, who had a reputation for honesty and frankness replied,  “You want to know what I make?” She paused for a second, then began.

“Well, I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.  I make a C+ feel like the Congressional Medal of Honor.”

“I make kids sit through 40 minutes of class  time when their parents can”t make them sit for five minutes without an iPod, Game Cube or movie rental.”   She paused again and looked at each and every person at  the table, and continued, “You want to know what I make?”

“I make kids wonder.”

“I make them question.”

“I make them apologize and mean it.”

“I make them have respect and take responsibility for their actions.”

“I teach them to write and then I make them write.  Keyboarding isn’t everything.”

“I make them read, read, read.”

“I make them show all their work in math.  They use their God-given brain, not the man-made calculator.”

“I make my students from other countries learn everything they need to know in  English while preserving their unique cultural identity.”

“I make my classroom a place where all  my students feel safe.”

“I make my students stand, placing their  hand over their heart to say the Pledge  of Allegiance to the flag, one nation under God, because we live in the United States of America.”

“I make them understand that if they use the  gifts they were given, work hard, and follow  their hearts, they can succeed in life.”

Pausing one last time, Bonnie continued, “Then, when people try to judge me by what  I make, with me knowing money isn’t  everything, I can hold my head up high and  pay no attention because they are ignorant.  You want to know what I make?”

“I make a difference.”

“What do you make, Mr. CEO?”

His jaw dropped, and he was silent.
Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so they no the value of things, not the price.
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Hairdresser Refuses To Shave Depressed Teen’s Head. 13 Hours Later She’s Unrecognizable

It’s hard to understand depression if you have never been through it. Mental health is a difficult and complicated thing. From the outside looking in it’s easy to tell someone to “just get over it”; but for someone struggling with depression, the solution is far from that easy.

Kayley Olsson is a hairdresser in Iowa and recently had a client come in with a story that broke her heart. The 16-year-old girl has been struggling with severe depression for several years and this summer things got especially bad.

The girl had gotten to the point where she felt so down and worthless that she couldn’t even brush her hair. She told Kayley that the only time she ever got up was to use the restroom.

School was starting in a few weeks and the students had to go in to get their school pictures done the next day. The girl walked into the salon and told Kayley something that tore at her heart:

“Just cut it all off,” the girl said, “I can’t deal with the pain of combing it out.”

She told the hairdressers that she was worthless because she hadn’t even been able to keep her hair brushed.

Kayley’s heart hurt for this young woman who was obviously in so much pain. She was determined to help her keep her hair, no matter what it took.

“It honestly broke my heart and we tried everything we could to keep this child’s hair for her!” Kayley said.

They spent eight hours that day working through the tangles and then the girl came back the next day and they spent another five hours on her hair. It was a painstaking process, but once they had finished the transformation was breathtaking.

As the young girl left the salon that day she told Kayley, “I will actually smile for my school pictures today, you made me feel like me again.”

“At the end of the day I want this to be a lesson to people,” Kayley wrote later. “MENTAL HEALTH is a thing, it effects people all around the world and of all ages! PARENTS take it seriously, don’t just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can’t. A CHILD should NEVER feel so worthless to not even want to brush their hair.”

These hairdressers took hours out of their days to show this hurting girl kindness, compassion, understanding, and love, and their efforts not only transformed her outward appearance but her inside too.

It’s so easy to pass over someone who is hurting because it is too hard or too much work to help them, but hopefully this story will be a lesson for all of us to reach out to those who need help. You have no idea what a little kindness can do.

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New photos: 15 pictures that prove why winter is the most hilarious season

Winter is a tough season for a lot of people. It gets dark outside, and the snow and cold can cause a lot of inconveniences. But it’s also a season of laughter and joy – which makes perfect sense when you look at some of the things that nature is capable of!

1. This doesn’t look too safe!

Source: Alina Willner

2. Not even fenced parking lots are safe from winter’s antics…

Source: Gags Center

3. You’re shaped by your environment… especially in winter!

Source: Pinterest / D-A-N-Y

4. It isn’t easy hiding your tracks…

Source: Pinterest / Gordy King

5. Whoops!

Source: Pinterest / Zoran Putnik Jovanovic

6. Poor car!

Source: Laverne Woode

7. Winter gives you ample opportunity to accessorize on the road.

Source: Pinterest / Artist

8. No comment…

Source: Pinterest / Matt Loulanting

9. Wow, this is amazing!

Source: Pinterest / Derek Croxton

10. “Now where did I put my snow shovel…”

Source: Pinterest / Kim Elam

11. Winter can be very chilly – so you can’t be picky about where to rest.

Source: Pinterest / LOLFunny Images

12. Like I said… You can’t be picky.

Source: Pinterest / Grit Lippisch

13. “Doesn’t this thing go any faster? Run, human!”

Source: Pinterest / Andrew von Rosenbach

14. How cool is this?!

Source: optism2020

15. “Timmy, maybe you should stay home from school today…”

Source: Pinterest / Svetlana Antonova
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4-year-old girl begs to sing her favorite Christmas classic – just watch when she opens her mouth

Who else has that Christmas feeling?

Claire Ryann may be just four-years-old, but there’s no doubting she’s a rather special talent. The little one can sing with an assuredness that makes it seem like she’s been on stage for a decade – she’s got a natural eat for harmony and loves to perform!

With Claire’s rendition of Christmas classic “Still Night” – a personal favorite of hers – it’s not difficult to see why the internet is becoming enamoured.

Sure, it’s a tune we all know and love already, but lend Claire your ears for a few seconds and you’ll be swept away in the spirit of Christmas …

Watch the video below for four-year-old Claire’s full performance:

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Baby Attempts To Sneak Up On Serious Husky, Canine’s Response Has Already Gone Viral

Canines are lovable in their own distinct personality, however husky owners know too well that this type of pet dog is really distinct compared to the others. Not just are they different because of their stark white fur and striking blue eyes, but they likewise have great deal of energy. They can also be a bit lively at times!

Huskies need to spend the majority of their time outside with other big canines to play with, and because of this, lots of Husky owners stress that having this sort of canine is not the best option if you have little children, specifically those who are still starting a family. A video is presently going viral, which will show to each and each of us that huskies can also be gentle when they are required to.

This video is showing a mature husky playing with a little infant who appears like simply under one years of age. The child slowly crawls towards the pet dog and was trying hard to pet him. He is having a difficult time reaching him in the beginning so the baby crawled a little closer.

The husky sat still, waiting for the infant to move. As soon as he has the ability to touch the husky’s ears, the pet rolled gently upside down under the child’s arms.

The pet dog started licking the child’s face and gently having fun with him. The husky and the child continue to play despite the fact that the infant is resting the majority of his weight on the canine. The gently giant simply stays submissive and spirited. The pet dog is making sure that he is really mild with the child.

He never did when lost control with the baby. The infant even puts his hand in the husky’s mouth and it just nibbles it gently. It came to a point that the infant was moving the pet dog’s fur and it simply paws the little infant’s hand away.

The man who tapes the video just made fun of the husky’s reaction to this baby. He is watching the young boy however it is clear that the husky comprehends that he requires to be mild with the delicate baby and it is his job to protect him. As the video ends, the husky remain on his back and just continues kissing the infant by licking his adorable face.

The video was shared online and on YouTube, it has more than 14 million views! This video definitely caught the attention of numerous individuals. One of the remarks posted says, “If you raise them right they will be harmless, exact same uses to the pet.”.

According to Vetstreet, Huskies are the ideal choice for people who desire a pet dog who can be an excellent partner and a buddy, a pet dog who will love kids, welcome your guests, and agree other pet dogs. However, if you are looking for a dog who will focus just on you and protect your house, huskies are not the best dog type for you.

They are not barkers but they will generally wail, especially when they hear alarms or sirens.

This husky proves that parents need not be afraid to let their dog connect with their infant. Canines normally get along with the children in the household as long as they are presented early. They can play together provided that they are monitored by grownups. Huge pet dogs can definitely be great buddies for everyone; kids and adult alike.


Tom Selleck Credits His Talent And Prosperity To His Undying Love For Jesus

You’ve seen him do it all for the last forty five years, from romancing on screen to inspiring and capturing the hearts of generations of Americans. As seen in countless of his blockbuster hits such as The Closer, Blue Bloods or Magnum P.I, Tom credits his stellar performances solely to his faith in Jesus Christ. However as disclosed in a recent interview by himself, it was not always, that Tom was such a staunch believer of Christianity.

Hailing from a humble background of hardworking blue collar parents, Thomas ‘Tom’ William Selleck was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. While his father was a small time carpenter, his mother was a stay at home wife. Later in his college years, when he was majoring in business administration, encouraged by his drama coach, Selleck gave Hollywood a try. He did a fine job in a dozen commercials, after which he was approached by Twentieth Century Fox for an acting contract.

However, as God may have planned it, he chose to take a break from acting and serve the army in the Vietnam War, a decision he still speaks proudly of. After working in the film industry for 11 years, Selleck finally landed his big break at the age of 35 as the iconic private investigator Thomas Magnum, for which he bagged an Emmy.

According to Selleck, he has always tried to conduct himself in an ethical way, as that is what matter most. He attributes his fortune to Jesus Christ and strongly believes that although it is an individual’s heart that makes plans for a lifetime, it is the Almighty who guides him through them.

Watch Tom Selleck talk about his audition for Indiana Jones.





From people walking away from eighteen wheelers jack-knifing, to almost being ran over as pedestrians, to completely running off the road avoiding hitting on-coming traffic!Over and over in this video there are moments when God stepped in just at the right second preventing death.

Do YOU believe God can prevent death? I will tell you one thing I know, all things are possible with God and I believe He saved ALL these people from the devils evil plan.For “we are given guardian angels to keep watch over us” (Psalm 91:11).

These people could have easily died time after time… but God decided to protect these people. There is no other explanation for a person being inches away from death and yet not dying- except Gods grace. 

It’s days when we leave the house a few minutes late to find a wreck up the road. The momentswhen we have left a certain location to find out that something terrible has happened there soon after. It’s them times that the car swerves back on their side of the road, seconds before a collision.